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ICAN ECHO IPC Teleclinic Launch

The Infection Control Africa Network is now part of the worldwide ECHO project in partnership with the University of New Mexico in USA. ECHO stands for Extension of Community Healthcare Outcomes, through this partnership ICAN has launched the first ECHO IPC teleclinic in the world, where infection prevention and control matters are discussed. This is a case based learning, where a spoke presents an IPC case or scenario and experts at the ICAN ECHO Hub as well as in other spokes, will discuss the case and will provide recommendations as to how to manage the IPC case. The most exciting news about this, is that we are moving IPC knowledge using ZOOM technology, video-teleconference platform, instead of moving people, to solve complex IPC problems.

We invite people to contact us at ICAN and share their IPC cases or scenarios for us to schedule teleclinics.

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