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2nd Annual Infection Control Sterilization and Decontamination in Healthcare Congress


According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), every year an estimated 4.1 million patients acquire Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI) in European acute hospitals resulting approximately 37,000 deaths. In the UK, it is been found that at any given time 6.4% of all patients are affected by HAIs.

The main challenges restricting the control of HAIs are mainly lack of evidence based guidelines on the cost effectiveness of measures, feedback of surveillance data, and low availability of skilled workers. There are new guidelines released for handling medical devices which are seen as new opportunities for advancements of present technology in controlling infection and enhancing patient safety.

After the success of inaugural congress held on 25th-26th February 2016, MnM Conferences is organizing 2nd Annual Infection Control, Sterilization and Decontamination in Healthcare Congress, scheduled for 21st & 22nd March 2017 in London, UK aiming at providing platform to experts from hospitals, academia, and government institutions discussing the innovations, challenges, and future aspects of infection control, decontamination, and sterilization.

Key highlights:

• Panel Discussion: Effective policies for staff training and management in hospitals

• Effective ways for investigation and validation of infections

• Protein residue detection in sterilization

• Setting standards for training in manual handling of surgical instruments

• Handling robotic surgery equipment such as Da Vinci Robot for cleaning and sterilization

• Ways of improving and maintaining water quality standards

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