In 2020- African CDC has contacted us to assist with the COVID 19 emergency response and step- down trainings in SA and across Africa. Since, still ongoing, and also part of IPC working group and AFRCOR TWR since Pandemic started
ICAN provides support to Africa Union, Africa CDC, WHO in COVID 19 preparedness training of 90 students. Since February 2020, in Nigeria with 12 different countries participating and one session on same week course on COVID-19 specific emergency first responder training in Abidjan with 60 students from 12 countries.

In Outbreak preparedness and control, due to our fast footprint and trained students, many organizations like WHO/CDC/ GOARN would ask us to send applicants and help with training. ICAN is currently part of the steering team to continue the COVID 19 preparedness in Africa- Exec manager and chair of ICAN are part of the IPC working group and the ACDC steering working group on outbreak, surveillance, IPC, and supplies, with weekly meetings and assisting with review guidelines and curriculums. From May 2020 to date, ICAN has trained over 6000 people since start of Pandemic on weekly webinar series, currently running series 5, each series last 6 weeks, done in English on Wednesday and French on the Friday.
Started with Webinar series in April 2020 and have just started series 14- normally run over 6 weeks, with English sessions on Wednesday- with Arabic and Portuguese translation during English session and French on Thursday.

Average around 300-600 people on English session, more than 1000 register most sessions.
French sessions are average 100-250, with about 500 registrations. Each session is 90 min long, with expert and Epidemiology updates in week 1 and 6 on current situation with COVID-19 cases from ACDC. Then expert giving a lecture on topics that was chosen for specific series. We also tried to have some country experience each week as well.

Series 11 started in 2022 and are now after nearly 2-month break started with series 14- Stop the spread of Infection and also touching on Ebola crisis currently in Uganda.
ICAN has done several stepdown trainings on webinars for Africa and had it in English and French over 3 days for 4–5-hour period in June 2020, trained more than 339 students. Done an Eastern cape training on Basic IPC/COVID-19 funded by WHO -with 100 + students /over 5 days with a 5-6 hours per day, ongoing mentoring bi-weekly for another 6 months post training. clinicians had a separate 2 days 3- 4-hour training- 25 clinicians.

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