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Building Consensus on the National Laboratory Policy

A Policy workshop was held on 19 December 2019 by the Ministry of Health and Wellness in close collaboration with WHO with the aim of building consensus on the National Laboratory Policy.    The participation of a wide range of stakeholders including development partners, professional users and technical experts such as laboratory scientists, engineers, clinicians, pathologists, public health experts, health economists and financers was crucial in view of developing  an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable quality health laboratory service.

There is need for a National  Laboratory Policy  to ensure safety and reliability of health laboratories.  The policy will also provide a framework for coordinated delivery of quality and accessible laboratory services country-wide.  Mauritius is committed to develop and implement its National laboratory policy to ensure quality health to the population.

Dr Bhoshun Ori, Director Health Services at the Ministry of Health and Wellness addressed the audience at the opening of the workshop.  The latter highlighted the commitment of the Government of Mauritius in establishing quality laboratory services through strengthened governance, organization and management structures, and supportive legal and regulatory frameworks.   The Director Health Services pointed out that a national policy for Laboratory services will reinforce quality and safety of the health laboratory services through improved national laboratory infrastructure and support systems.  According to the latter, it will also enhance coordination of laboratory services across disease control programmes to promote rational use of laboratory resources.  The National Laboratory Policy will also establish systems for monitoring and evaluating performance to enhance quality and efficiency of the health laboratory services and provide adequate human and financial resources to ensure effective delivery of health laboratory services.

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