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Democratic Republic of Congo Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak – WHO Situation Report 10th June 2018

The outbreak of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo remains active. One month into the response, there is cautious optimism about the situation in Bikoro and Wangata (especially Mbandaka) health zones where the last confirmed EVD case was reported on 16 May 2018. The primary focus of the response has moved from the urban areas of Equateur Province to the most remote and hard-to-reach places in Itipo and the greater Iboko Health Zone.

On 10 June 2018, two new suspected EVD cases were reported in Iboko Health Zone. Thirteen laboratory specimens (from suspected cases reported previously) tested negative. No new confirmed EVD cases and no new deaths have been reported on the reporting date. Since 17 May 2018, no new confirmed EVD cases have been reported in Bikoro and Wangata health zones, while the last confirmed case was reported in Iboko Health Zone on 2 June 2018.

Since the beginning of the outbreak (on 4 April 2018), a total of 55 EVD cases and 28 deaths (case fatality rate 50.9%) have been reported, as of 10 June 2018. Of the 55 cases, 38 have been laboratory confirmed, 14 are probable (deaths for which it was not possible to collect laboratory specimens for testing) and three are suspected. Of the confirmed and probable cases, 27 (52%) are from Iboko, followed by 21 (40%) from Bikoro and four (8%) from Wangata health zones. A total of five healthcare workers have been affected, with four confirmed cases and two deaths.

The outbreak has remained localised to the three health zones initially affected: Iboko (24 confirmed cases, 3 probable, 2 suspected, 7 deaths), Bikoro (10 confirmed cases, 11 probable, 1 suspected, 18 deaths) and Wangata (4 confirmed cases, 3 deaths).

The number of contacts requiring follow-up is progressively decreasing with many completing the required follow-up period. As of 10 June 2018, a total of 634 contacts were under follow up, of which 633 (99.8%) were reached on the reporting date.

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