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DR Congo – Inpatient Hand Sanitation Education

DR Congo – 17th February 2017

We have been dealing with the education of the Hands Hygiene to our in-patients today.

The aim of this education is to indicate the association between hand hygiene improvement and Health Care –Associated Infection reduction   and then limited stay of the patient in the hospital.

We have proved that the hand hygiene is the less expensive vaccine but saving many lives if respected especially in our community where the people are living under the line

The patients and their families have accepted to wash their hands before taking the medicines and foods. In our limited resource setting the ash may be used if the soap is not available

For their awareness the patients have been informed that the germs may be transmitted through the hands of health care providers if the hand hygiene is not respected. Please, the comments, recommendations, suggestions are welcome

We have tried to make a new short video of this campaign if successful , we will be sharing it with whom it would be interesting .

Deputy President of Nursing Association   & coordinator of Infection Prevention Controllers Team CME/BENI   and Coordinator of NGO EMV / D R CONGO

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