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DR Congo – Training Students in Best IPC Practice

DR Congo – IPC Education for Beni Medical College Students

Mr Elie, Deputy President of Nursing Association, Coordinator of Infection Prevention Control Team and ICAN member from Beni, DR Congo has kindly taken the time to share experiences from his work educating medical and nursing students as part of their annual IPC training.  

Each month Mr Elie trains visiting doctors and nurses from Universities and Colleges across DR Congo on IPC best practice in areas such as preventing catheter associated urinary tract infections, insertion and management of Peripheral IV catheters and surgical site infections.  




Where the students were from (Name of hospital): The students were from the BENI
Were the students doctors, nurses : The students were nurses

How many students were present: The students were eight
What topics were covered (CAUTI etc.): The topics were CAUTIS, Peripheral Iv
Catheter and the SSI
Was there a certificate awarded: No certificate was awarded as the training is a part
their regular annual courses
Is there more training planned : Yes every month we receive the student from ,
Many universities and Medical colleges

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