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EpiCore – Disease Surveillance

ICAN is excited to let you know about a new and innovative system developed by our partner, the International Society for Infectious Diseases and its Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases (ProMED).

The system is called EpiCore. It was developed to detect and confirm disease outbreaks more quickly so communities can respond and curb epidemics faster. EpiCore draws upon a global network of health professionals, like you, who share knowledge and verify local information when outbreaks occur. It is a partnership of ISID/ProMED, HealthMap, Skoll Global Threats Fund and TEPHINET.

By joining EpiCore, you will:

  • Be on the front lines of innovative disease surveillance.
  • Use your knowledge and expertise to help find disease outbreaks faster.
  • Join a network of health experts around the world.

Experts in the human, animal and environmental health fields are encouraged to join EpiCore’s member network and share knowledge to quickly verify outbreaks in their regions. A few minutes of your time during early stages of an outbreak could help your country and the world identify and respond to outbreaks more quickly.

When disease outbreaks are detected quickly, communities can respond faster, curb epidemics, and save lives.

Click here to visit the EpiCore website for more information


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