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ICAN Baton Exchange

On behalf of ICAN we would like to thank Prof Folasade Ogunsola for your valuable contribution to ICANs organization and wish you all the best in the next chapter of your life and career. Your dedication and creativity were an inspiration for us all. We are grateful for your hard work, commitment, and team spirit. We will miss you, but we are sure you will be appreciated wherever you go. All the best and good luck Prof Sade.

ICAN wants to congratulate and welcome our new chair Prof Chedly Azzouz. We are grateful and excited to have Prof Chedly join the board and bring his unique talents, expertise, and perspectives to the work of the organization in order to further our vision of promoting a world where research in infection prevention and control is openly available and routinely used to create knowledge and understanding.

Thank you to each and everyone who took time out of their busy day to celebrate and witness the ICAN Baton Exchange. Below are photographs commemorating a special evening of the exchanging of baton on 06 March 2024.

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