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ICAN concluded IPC Webinar series 14

On the 15th of December, ICAN concluded a continuous Webinar series 14 in collaboration with ACDC and WHO AFRO. Each week we had both English and French session since 16th November 2022
In total we have seen in both English and French sessions with registration of 1370 students, but more than 1690 attended these sessions.

Most of the people stayed for 66 min on each session.

In the English series we had 41 Au countries, and 15 non-AU countries represented, while for the French side we saw 29 AU countries and 10 non- AU countries represented. Since we started in February 2022 with series 11 and ended with Series 14 we have reached a total 1333 participants with information on preventing outbreak and how to improve IPC standards in our continent. In addition, we had both Portuguese and Arabic translation throughout during the English session.

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