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Kenya Nationwide Measles-Rubella Campaign

Kenya has rolled out a massive nation-wide Measles-Rubella campaign which targets almost half the population. The campaign which runs from May 16-24 will cover all the 47 counties and target 19,922,722 children between 9 months and 14 years.

The rubella component will be offered in public health facilities for the first time but will be offered as one vaccine with measles. In addition, 11 targeted counties will offer tetanus vaccination for girls and women aged 15-49. These are counties more at risk and with low immunization coverage. The targeted numbers are more than 800,000.

The children, girls and women will be reached through the 20,000 vaccination centres identified in health facilities, temporary/fixed posts and in schools.  They will be attended by 42,000 health care workers and 24,000 volunteers all spread around the country. The exercise – due to its large targeted numbers and nationwide logistical arrangements – is deemed the largest campaign since independence.

For more information, please visit the World Health Organisation site here

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