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New WSD Infographics from Global Sepsis Alliance Now Available!

As you know, September 13th is World Sepsis Day.

To celebrate the occasion, the Global Sepsis Alliance completely overhauled their infographics – they are available to download here. We encourage you to use them widely for WSD tomorrow and beyond.

Additionally, please show support for World Sepsis Day on social media – inspiration for posts are available here. It’s as simple as copy and pasting.

Lastly, the GSA video “What Is Sepsis? (explained in 3 minutes) is now available in 6 languages – please make sure to spread the adequate language within your network.
English – Spanish – French – Italian – Turkish – German (YouTube links)

Thanks so much for supporting World Sepsis Day – we couldn’t do it without you!

For any questions, please reach out to Marvin at any time.

Again, thanks so much for your unwavering support,

Konrad and Marvin
on behalf of the whole team here at the Global Sepsis Alliance

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