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Scoping of clinical documentation and guidance from African countries

ICAN are currently scoping clinical documentation and guidance  from African countries, regions and organization/societies in the following areas:

1. Evidence-based surgical antibiotic prophylaxis guidelines/protocols issued over the last 5 years

2. IPC documents/policies/tools which describe what are considered MINIMUM STANDARDS/REQUIREMENTS for IPC at the national and/or the facility level (including if available, different types of facilities, i.e. acute HCFs, primary care, long-term care, etc…

3. Observational IPC monitoring tools: any tool/checklist to monitor IPC practices through direct observation at the ward/facility level (similar to hand hygiene compliance observation but for other IPC practices/procedures)

I would be grateful if you could send any copies available by email to our Executive manager, Anna Vorndran by the 30th November 2018 . We in turn will be providing this information to the World Health Organisation.  Please treat this as urgent.

Thank you

Professor Sade Ogunsola

Chair, ICAN

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