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The ICAN Northern Hub in collaboration with Mersal Foundation.

ICAN to launch a Northern Hub in Egypt in collaboration with Mersal Foundation. Mersal Foundation for charity and development is a non-profit organization in the health field. It seeks to provide all types of medical care with high quality to everyone who needs it. Mersal keens to spread the culture of medical awareness in Egypt and seeks to extend its services to the Arab world registered under the supervision of the central Department for Associations and Federations of the Ministry of Social Solidarity


Our vision is to be the first medical organization in Egypt and the Arab world and to be proactive in ensuring the rights of the marginalized and the neediest people.


We are working on analyzing and filling the health system gaps to provide medical services with high quality for patients in a safe manner and equality and respect for dignity and provide a medical and social health insurance system for patients who are unable to afford the cost of treatment from different nationalities and contribute to developing the Medical sector in Egypt.


Mersal seeks to achieve three main objectives:

1. Provide medical services to all who deserve them regardless of the cost of the treatment period

2. Spread medical awareness

3. Achieve sustainability to fund its medical activities

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