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WHO AFRO – Emergency Operations Annual Report 2017 Now Available

The WHO Emergency Operations Annual Report: saving lives and reducing suffering WHO’s work in emergency response operations in the WHO African Region in 2017 is now available for download here.

The emergency operations (EMO) programme area of WHE is mandated to support provision of essential life-saving health services to populations affected by health emergencies. This it does through the effective management of health response operations, coordination of response partners for collective response and addressing gaps in humanitarian policy and guidance, using the new Incident Management System as laid down in the new WHO ERF-II.

The AFRO EMO programme area aims at strengthening Regional Office capacity to assist  Member States in dealing promptly and effectively with major public health crises, including the impact of humanitarian ones.

AFRO response strengthening strategies include:

  • Building a strong WHO/AFRO Rapid Response Team, backed by well-trained staff at AFRO and WHO country offices to perform the Incident Management System (IMS) functions
  • Supporting countries (Member States) and health-related organizations in the region, to set up Emergency Medical Teams, which will support response in the respective countries and the region
  • Establishing partnership in WHO response areas for a joint effective response under the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN)

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