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Zanzibar commemorates World Health Day 2018

The 70th anniversary of World Health Day, 7th April 2018 was colorfully commemorated in Kijini Village, about 60 kilometres from Zanzibar town, in the presence of Honorable Hamad Rashid Mohamed, Minister of Health, Principal and Deputy Principal Secretaries of the MOH, District Commissioner for North A, Directors, village administrators and the community.

During the occasion, the Minister of Health and Guest of Honor congratulated WHO and Member States for the achievements in improving health and wellbeing of the world population in the past 70 years and reiterated Government’s determination to ensure Universal Health Coverage to Zanzibar population. He sighted the construction of Kijini Primary Health Care Unit as an example of the Government’s determination to reach everyone everywhere in Zanzibar.

He advised the population to use the nearest health facilities, like Kijini Primary Health Care Unit, to ensure quick access to essential health services, save lives and avoid congesting referral facilities which are required to provide specialized services. He reminded the Zanzibar population that health is their right and encouraged them to contact him and his team directly if there are health issues that need to be addressed. He said “we are accountable to you and you should put us to task”.

For more information please visit WHO Africa website

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