World Hand Hygiene Day 2024

Webinars to get ready for World Hand Hygiene Day WHHD 2024! Each webinar will address a slightly different angle, culminating in the annual global webinar on May 6. Warm up for WHHD by joining us for a webinar on 16 April, from 1:00–2:00 pm CET, for an overview of the 2024 WHHD campaign, proposed activities […]

CDC Funded Project – ICAN Regional Hubs

ICAN is starting ICAN hubs across Africa and we will have ICAN Hub training 14-18/11/2022 at century City Conference Centre to orientate and do a Train the Trainer with staff from 5 Hubs.The ICAN hub, defined as a decentralised units of ICAN, also known as ICAN Collaborating Centers (ICC) have the role to expand the […]

Echo ICAN IPC Hubs Planting

Project Overview ICAN has built a network of National IPC Societies in Africa. Currently 12 countries are members and there are three additional countries in the process of joining. The vision for this project is to establish new ECHO hubs in each of these 15 countries. As new countries join the network, they will also […]

Turn Africa Orange Initiative

Every year on the 5th May, WHO with the collaboration of states and health-care facilities all around the world, runs an annual campaign for promoting hand hygiene. The slogan is “Save Lives: Clean your Hands” . Currently , there are 21,372 health-care facilities registered in 180 countries. The process of implementing hand hygiene programs using […]

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