World Hand Hygiene Day 2024

Webinars to get ready for World Hand Hygiene Day WHHD 2024! Each webinar will address a slightly different angle, culminating in the annual global webinar on May 6. Warm up for WHHD by joining us for a webinar on 16 April, from 1:00–2:00 pm CET, for an overview of the 2024 WHHD campaign, proposed activities […]

ICAN/RTSL Project Phase 3 (Development of Self-Paced Learning Project)

ICAN Courses – On-line and face to face Due to the COVID pandemic and uncertainty around on-site face to face meetings, training and assessment have successfully been moved to a virtual platform and it has proven to be successful. The transmission to a virtual training platform was effortless due to the existing infrastructure and prior […]

ACDC Collaboration

In 2020- African CDC has contacted us to assist with the COVID 19 emergency response and step- down trainings in SA and across Africa. Since, still ongoing, and also part of IPC working group and AFRCOR TWR since Pandemic startedICAN provides support to Africa Union, Africa CDC, WHO in COVID 19 preparedness training of 90 […]

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